Q & A with Dr. Kerklaan: Why CBD Sleep Drops?

Better sleep is such an important aspect of self-care that it should be one of the key steps you take to improve your wellbeing. Creating effective natural products that support health has been Dr. Andrew Kerklaan’s goal from the start of Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics. That’s why he developed his newest product, Sleep. CBD Drops. The first ingestible product from the Dr. Kerklaan line, the drops pair CBD with botanicals and Magnesium for a triple punch of sleep support. Read on for a Q & A with Dr. K on all things sleep:

Sleep expert Dr. Andrew Kerklaan
You just launched your second CBD Sleep product, the Dr. Kerklaan Sleep Drops. Why do you feel sleep is such an important issue to focus on?

Dr. Andrew Kerklaan: Sleep is the key to everything really. It is crucial for focus, energy and general well-being. It also forms the foundation for our body’s ability to rebuild and recover. Better sleep is such an important aspect of self-care that it should be one of the key steps we take to improve our wellbeing. The drops really form a comprehensive Sleep System when paired with our Natural CBD Sleep Cream. The cream helps you relax, the drops can help you stay asleep. The Cream works to help you get into sleep mode and The Sleep Drops are designed to promote and support a healthy sleep cycle.

Dr. Kerklaan Sleep Cycle - stop bad sleep habits

How can CBD potentially help with sleep?
Dr. K: CBD is a natural plant based compound that interacts with your endocannabinoid system, helping the body regulate functions such as muscle tension, stress responses and sleep patterns. For someone with an interest in self-care, CBD is a fantastic avenue to explore.
Many people are reporting CBD having a positive effect on their ability to get to sleep and stay asleep. CBD appears to have a relaxing and calming effect both physically and mentally when delivered both topically and ingested. Some may benefit from using a topical CBD cream around the neck, shoulders and temples to help ease and relax. Others will also benefit from taking CBD orally for a more full body effect.

You have several ingredients that help with sleep in the drops, tell us how each one works.
Dr. K: Our ingestible sleep drops combine a proprietary blend of calming botanical extracts with Magnesium and the power of CBD and CBG to help you get those zzz's. Each element works synergistically. Magnesium has been shown to help with sleep regulation by inducing muscle relaxation. Chamomile has been used as a sleep inducer for centuries, Lemon Balm essential oil is used in aromatherapy to promote a calm and relaxed state, and early studies suggest Passion Flower may relieve more significant sleep issues. CBDand CBG as a natural plant based ingredient offers tremendous potential to help regulate sleep cycles.

The sleep drops are the first ingestible CBD product for Dr. Kerklaan Wellness. Why an ingestible product now?
Dr. K: I really wanted to develop a Sleep System, two products that could work in tandem to help patients relax and prepare for sleep, and then to support overall sleep patterns and cycles. There are generally two problems people experience with their sleep. Troubles falling asleep and troubles staying asleep. Our Sleep cream with melatonin may have the quick effect of helping someone relax and prepare to fall asleep while our Sleep drops may have a longer lasting effect to help with a healthy sleep cycle through the night.
While there are various forms of ingestible CBD products, our sublingual Sleep drop is a really effective delivery mechanism for CBD. It allows the CBD to be absorbed quickly through the thin skin under your tongue and avoids potentially being broken down in the stomach.. When CBD is ingested in drop form as opposed to used topically, it may help to support sleep for several hours making it ideal to relax and calm through the night.

There are a lot of sleep products on the market. How are the sleep drops different from others out there?
Dr. K: I developed all of my products to provide simple, effective and natural solutions to common issues. All of our formulations are unique and proprietary. For anyone looking for a natural sleep cycle aid without the morning grogginess effect , our Sleep Drops provide a good option. CBD paired with botanicals and Magnesium offers a triple punch of sleep support.

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