Natural CBD Cream Kit

All the Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics CBD creams you need for $180! A $263 Value!

What’s inside the bundle:

One Natural CBD Relief Cream WHAT A RELIEF! Topical cream that provides a cooling sensation for long-lasting relief. With: Eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint essential oils Apply to target areas.

One Natural CBD Sleep Cream PAVING THE WAY TO A BETTER NIGHT’S SLEEP Topical cream to gently relax and calm. With: Melatonin and fragrances of mandarin, lavender, and verbena Apply to shoulders, neck, and temples.

One Natural CBD Skin Cream SAVE YOUR SKIN Topical relief that is great for anyone with sensitive or dry skin. Provides soothing hydration, is fast-absorbing and fragrance free.
Hypoallergenic, hydrating, fragrance free.

One Natural CBD PMS Cream DON’T LET PMS CRAMP YOUR STYLE Topical cream that features an uplifting scent of vanilla and verbena. Perfect for those looking to relax and calm.


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