Here’s What You Need To Know About Traveling With CBD

There’s no shortage of claims that CBD is the ultimate travel companion. With headlines like “CBD Lotion Is My Secret to Curing the Aches and Pains of Travel” and “I Tried CBD Oil to Calm My Nerves While Flying, and This Is What Happened,” even the CBD skeptics among us would be tempted to bring it on their next vacation.

But is brining CBD with you on the road or in an airplane legal? And if it is, what’s the best way to use CBD on your next trip?

Here’s everything you need to know about traveling with CBD.

First things first. Is it legal to bring CBD on planes? The short answer it yes. In the United States, TSA released a statement saying that they’ll allow hemp-based CBD products through security without any issue.

That said, you want to make sure you’re buying your CBD product from a brand that’s lab testing their products to make sure they are, in fact, less than 0.3% THC. Anything above that number is considered marijuana and you would not be allowed to travel with it legally. At Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics, we triple test their products to ensure every single product contains the exact ingredients that are listed on the label.

So if you’ve got a hemp-based CBD product that’s less than 0.3% THC, how do you use it when you’re traveling? The good news is that the possibilities are almost endless.

Traveling can be stressful, so taking a sublingual tincture before you get to the airport may be a great place to begin. If you’re taking a red eye, try dropping your CBD in chamomile or valerian root tea—two herbs famous for promoting healthy sleep—to help you wind down before the flight. Cannabinoids have also displayed anti-nausea properties, so if you tend to feel sick on planes, trains, cars, and buses, CBD is worth a try.

Want an expert tip? Combine it with ginger tea—which has displayed strong anti-nausea properties as well—for double the power.

That’s what Greta, 27, does before a road trip. “I add 20 mg of CBD to sparkling water with a dropperful of ginger extract,” she says. It’s become a ritual she follows before getting in any kind of moving vehicle. “I’ve found it really helpful; In fact, I won’t travel without it,” she says.

Topical creams are also A+ travel companions. Sitting for long periods of time can leave you stiff and achy, so using a CBD-based spray—especially those containing additional ingredients like eucalyptus and peppermint—on your lower back or feet is a great preflight ritual to adopt. Air travel can also leave your skin dry and itchy, which is a great reason to keep a hydrating hemp-based CBD cream in your carry on.

Once you’ve reached your destination, you may have trouble winding down to get to sleep, especially if you’re traveling between time zones. Before you reach for an over-the-counter or prescription medication, try Dr. Kerklaan’s Natural CBD Sleep Cream, which contains melatonin and lavender, two other ingredients that are famous for their calming and sleep-promoting properties. Just rub a small amount on your feet about 30 minutes before bed, starting with the balls of your feet and then moving to the arch and ending at the heel.

Jim, 77, a frequent traveler and CBD lover, never goes on a trip without his topical CBD hand cream. “My hands get stiff and it’s even worse when I travel,” he says. “I rub a topical CBD cream into my hands twice a day and it makes a huge difference,” he continues.

Clearly, a topical CBD cream can address any number of travel-related health woes. And if you forget to pack it, don’t worry. You can find Dr. Kerklaan products in the duty-free shopping areas at ton of airports and in retail stores like Dillards and Lord & Taylor.

From the looks of it, pretty soon you’ll never have to travel without CBD again.