5 Ways to Supercharge and Transform Your Day

Looking to wake up happier, feel stronger, and have a positive day? Shifting a few things in your morning routine can set you up for success and help you live better. Here are our 5 favorite ways to transform your day.

Try an Alternative to Your Alarm
Say goodbye to waking up to the jarring sound of a loud alarm. Instead, try something a little more Zen. The Yoga Wake Up app features expert instructors who gently guide you through easy yoga poses--that you can do in bed. As former non-morning people, the app founders were looking for a way to snooze less and smile more--all before 8 a.m. Most of the sessions are 5 to 10 minutes long and taught by instructors from around the world. Sessions are designed to help you stretch and pose your way to feeling alert and energized.

Yoga Wake Up meditation App
Yoga Wake Up is free to download. They offer a free, 7-day trial to preview the membership, but we have an offer to unlock a lifetime discount which includes ALL audio content updated weekly, access to virtual events, and of course, the “yoga alarm” feature. The offer is 25% off the annual price, so $39.99 instead of $53.99. Get the offer FROM MOBILE, unlock HERE.

Sneak in a Quick Workout
Studies show that when you exercise in the morning, you are more likely to be consistent in your exercise goals. Working out later in the day can easily be derailed by meetings, work obligations and family commitments. It doesn’t have to be long, 20 minutes is enough to reap the health benefits. A brisk walk, some more intense yoga poses (the Yoga Wake Up app has those too), a resistance workout, or a great on-demand class (we love Brooke Burke’s Sweat Smart) are all fantastic for both mind and body--no gym membership required.

Brooke Burke fitness body app

Try A 60-Second Self Care Hack
Intense workouts, sleeping in the wrong position, and just aging overall, are all factors that can contribute to waking up with muscle soreness and tension. While we all would love to be starting the day with a 60-minute pampering massage, a much faster (and cheaper!) alternative is to try a cream that targets sore muscles to provide relief. Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics CBD Relief Cream works as a 60-second self-care hack. Just apply the cream to any areas that are causing you discomfort and move on with your day.

Dr. Kerklaan CBD Relief Cream for workout recovery

Power Drinks
While bagels, processed cereals, and orange juice were once thought of as “healthy” breakfasts, we know now that there are much better options. Smoothie lovers can benefit from sneaking in some spinach or avocado into the mix. Or try a greens powder. We love integrative nutrition health coach, Heather Thomson's Beyond Fresh premium line of whole food powder supplements and Alkamind Acid-Kicking Greens which is a superfood blend of 21 vegetables, superfoods and herbs that provide 5-servings of vegetables in a chlorophyll-rich powder you just blend with water. Another favorite for hydrating after a workout is SOS Hydration, an electrolyte drink with 10 times less sugar than other sports drinks.

sos hydration and dr verlan for workout recovery

Add Fun to Your To-Do’s
Planning out your day is an important tool to getting things done-- particularly in the pandemic when days seem to blur together. But COVID burnout is a problem with mental health taking a toll from this challenging list. Don’t forget to make time for connection, a walk with a friend or an outdoor cocktail. Even a ZOOM call with a favorite person over lunch, can help boost your spirits and mindset. Also, plan a time to log off of your devices and do something fun--no matter how little it is, add joy to your list.