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With over 20 years of clinical experience, Dr. Andrew Kerklaan has become the go-to expert on the science and health benefits of cannabinoids.

Meet Dr. Andrew Kerklaan

As a young athlete, I learned an important lesson about the power of a natural approach to healing. When debilitating back pain and numbness in my leg prevented me from playing football at University, I went to an orthopedic surgeon hoping for a cure. But after a brief exam, the doctor told me there was nothing wrong with me—and nothing he could do—despite my persistent symptoms.

My uncle suggested a visit to his chiropractor who took an X-ray and found a stress fracture. He devised a plan to help me get better without medication or surgery. After a few weeks of adjustments and exercises, I was back to being an active and pain-free athlete once again. The experience inspired me to pursue a career as a chiropractor. My goal from the start was to help people find solutions to problems that prevent them from living full lives.

For nearly 25 years, I cared for thousands of patients as a chiropractor. I launched my practice in London, England where my clients included rockstars and royalty. Five years later, I returned to my hometown of Montreal to bring the best in integrative care with a focus on health, wellness, and pain management. In 2016, I founded Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics with the goal of caring for patients everywhere.

Our Brand Story

In 2013, I had a breakthrough moment when my patients began asking me questions about the effects of CBD and cannabis. Is it safe? Is it legal? What are the benefits? And most importantly, does it work? With so much misinformation around cannabinoids, I was hesitant to endorse it. So I did extensive research around the science behind cannabis and its rich history as a healing modality dating back 5000 years including references in traditional to Chinese medicine. I learned how CBD could really help my patients and witnessed the unbelievable results that they experienced after trying it. I saw proof that cannabinoids are a powerful, natural solution for so many different ailments.

I decided to launch Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics when I couldn’t find any CBD products that I felt comfortable recommending. I saw huge untapped potential for cannabinoids when delivered in a topical format, making them easily accessible to more people. I knew I could create trusted products backed by scientific research using my clinical experience and medical expertise. Our products tackle common issues focused on Relief, Sleep, PMS and Skin. Just easy and effective topical solutions that work.

Our cannabinoid rich formulas are made with highest quality Oregon-grown hemp extracts, which are entirely THC-free and have no psychoactive effects. Backed by science, all of our products are rigorously tested by top independent third-party labs and our CBD concentration is certified.

This product line allows me to deliver care beyond the walls of my practice. I am excited for you to experience the power of doctor-formulated, patient approved CBD wellness solutions.

- Dr. Andrew Kerklaan