Get Your Fkn Beauty Sleep with Dr. Kerklaan - RAW Beauty Talks Podcast

Listen in as Dr. Kerklaan chats sleep, snoozing and shut-eye with Erin Treloar, Founder & CEO of RAW Beauty Talks.

We go behind the highlight reel of our tech-crazy, fast-paced world to dig deep into why getting a good sleep is so important, how quality sleep impacts our overall wellness, and Dr Kerklaan’s top tips for falling asleep (no counting sheep here!).

Erin is a certified health coach and host of this amazing Top 10 podcast, having interviewed people from around the world, sparking a global conversation about beauty, confidence and self-love.



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SHORT ON TIME? Here are some key topics we covered…

1:50 – How Dr. Kerklaan became a sleep expert to royalty and rockstars

3:15 – The basics of good quality sleep in a fast-paced world

5:00 – How quality sleeps impacts our overall wellness

6:15 – Dr. Kerklaan’s top 5 tips for falling asleep

10:30 – The 10,000 steps per day debate

15:30 – Let’s talk tech: are our screens really impacting our snooze?

19:00 – What is really at risk when you’re not sleeping well

23:00 – Should you turn a night owl into an early bird?

26:00 – Dr Kerklaan breaks down his sleep routine


Raw Beauty Talks and Dr. Kerklaan talk good beauty sleep

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