5 Products for Better Sleep: The Ultimate Sleep Solutions

Tossing and turning? Wide awake at 3 AM? You are not alone. Thanks to pandemic stress, increased isolation and everyday worries, a good night’s sleep can be hard to come by these days.

Why not try a new approach to bedtime? We've picked our favorite sleep solutions with five ways to help enhance your sleep. Before you even get started with the list below, you will want to switch off your devices an hour before bedtime. The blue light emitted from your computer and phone screens can suppress melatonin production and disrupt your natural circadian rhythm —especially at night. Another quick tip? Set up time to unwind before bed—taking a bath, stretching, doing a few yoga poses or reading can all be healthy ways to get your mind and body into a sleep mindset.

Here are 5 great ways to get into the sleep zone:

1. Essential Oil Diffuser
Aromatherapy can help your mind and body relax through the power of soothing scent. We are partial to the Vitruvi diffuser for its sleek look and ease-of-use. Simply add water and 20 drops of your favorite essential oil and let the diffuser work its magic adding a subtle scent to your space.

2. Dr. Kerklaan Natural CBD Sleep Cream
Our topical sleep cream is formulated with melatonin and fragrances of mandarin, lavender, and verbena. The scent triggers a calming response while the melatonin and CBD applied to the forehead work synergistically. Just apply and get ready for zzzz’s.

3. The Perfect Bedding
The right sheets make all the difference. We love Brooklinen’s popular percale and sateen options. 80,000 5-star reviews can’t be wrong.

4. A Supportive Pillow
As a chiropractor, Dr. Kerklaan knows all too well the importance of proper alignment while you sleep. “The right sleep position helps reduce muscle tension, tightness in your lower back, and improves your breathing,” he explains. “A well-designed cervical pillow will make an impact on how your body feels during and after sleep.”

5. Fun & Cozy PJs
A key part of getting your brain into sleep mode, is wearing clothes designed for sleep. We know, of course the pandemic has changed everything around and it’s not uncommon to be Zooming in PJ bottoms. However, ideally when you put on your pajamas you are settling in for the night. Our favorites are the cheery prints and crisp 100% cotton poplin versions from Printfresh.

 relax and calm into a deeper sleep