Tips and Tools to Help Keep you Comfortable Gardening

Weed out Muscle Tension with Dr. Kerklaan's Top Tips and Tools to Help you Garden Comfortably

It’s finally spring! Time to get outdoors and prep for gorgeous blooms and lush plantings. Just be aware that all of that weeding, clearing, pruning, and digging is much more physically demanding than you may realize. Gardening requires constant movement including bending, lifting, reaching and pulling. “It really is a form of exercise,” explains Dr. Andrew Kerklaan, Founder of Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics. “All of that activity, particularly for hours at a time, can take a toll on the body.”

So how can you garden without getting injured? Gardening without hurting your back is down to good body mechanics and healthy habits. For starters, Dr. Kerklaan recommends treating a gardening day the same way you would a workout.

  1. Hydrate before, during and after you garden. 
  2. Warm up before you get started with a short walk, and don’t forget to take breaks and stretch throughout the day.
  3. Change positions frequently to avoid stiffness.
  4. Maintain good posture. 
  5. Don't stand and bend forward from your waist. When you're on the ground planting or weeding, cushion your knees with a pad and try to kneel on one knee only. 

Here are Dr. Kerklaan’s 5 gardening essentials to keep you active and outside:

Sore Muscle Relief
After an active day gardening, you might experience sore muscles, overworked arms, a tight neck, or a tired lower back that you didn’t expect. Our Natural CBD Relief Cream is ready to work overtime, just apply where you need extra care.

Best tools for gardening

A Perfect Potting Table
Your back will thank you when you don’t have to constantly bend down to trim flowers, pot plants, and tend to plantings. A sturdy potting table allows you to stand up while doing gardening tasks, plus keep your tools and plants within easy reach.

Support For Your Knees & Back
Provide cushioned support for your knees and back with a two-in-one kneeler/bench. Simply flip it when you are ready to switch from sitting to kneeling. Extra-thick cushioning provides additional comfort.

A Go-To Skin Salve
Gardening tools, thorns, bushes, branches can lead to raw, scratched, and rough hands. Throw in the occasional bee sting or bug bite, and you are looking at skin that is in desperate need of hydration and soothing. Keep our Natural CBD Skin Cream close by to come to the rescue after an active day outdoors.

Skin Cream for gardening

Chic Hydration
Just like if you were working out, keeping hydrated is the key to being able to focus longer and handle an active day. S’well’s pretty garden-themed bottle should be in every gardener’s kit. An added bonus is technology that keeps liquids cold for 24-hours and hot for 12-hours.