Where Our CBD Comes From And Why It Matters

Not all CBD is the same. In fact, there is a wide variation of quality when it comes to CBD--and the standard of the cannabidiol used, ultimately affects potency. The source of your CBD can be the difference between a product that works--and one that doesn’t. 

What to watch out for: Hemp is grown all over the world, but in some countries there are issues with elevated levels of toxins in the soil that leach into the plant--and thus the cannabidiol. There are also many cases of hemp being grown in one country and then being flown to Europe. This is done to have the designation as being made there, which is extremely misleading. 

When we launched Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics in 2017, we knew that the most important detail was using the absolute highest caliber CBD to meet potency, consistency and quality standards.   Our goal is to produce products that help as many people as possible, so our standards are exceptionally high. We never cut corners. 

How we source our hemp: With so much confusion and misrepresentation in the industry, we decided that we wanted to be able to stand in the field we sourced from and examine the soil, the plants and their flowers. We wanted to see the process firsthand, and get to know the growers we are working with. 

This led us to Oregon where some of the best hemp in the world is being grown. Hemp is a complex plant and the genetics matter. The genetic pool for hemp is very strong in Oregon and we have partnered with growers who are transparent about the entire process, from the genetics of their plants to their extracting methods. 

The Dr. Kerklaan difference: My goal has always been to help people live better, and our products do just that thanks to their top ingredients. Our cannabinoid rich formulas are made with highest quality Oregon-grown hemp extracts. Backed by science, all of our products are rigorously tested by independent third-party labs and our CBD concentration is certified. 

The facts are simple, where your CBD comes from matters. When it is done right you get a trusted, safe, transparent, and high quality product. In our case, one I am very proud to have my name on.

-Dr K.